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Motor Insurance

Different Motor Policies issued for different types of motor vehicles. Motor Vehicles are usually classified in the following manner:

A. Private Vehicles:

The vehicles which are under private Registration and used for private purposes and not used for hire or reward, shall come under the scope of the Private Vehicles. The vehicles are classed on the basis of the registration and the purposes of use but not on the basis of the design or type.

B. Commercial Vehicles

All vehicles not provided for under the Private or Motor Cycle Tariff excluding vehicles running on rails.

Travel Insurance

Overseas Travel Insurance protects you against accidental injury or sudden sickness while traveling overseas for Business & Holidays, Studies and Employment.

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance covers expenses of medical treatment while hospitalized due to illness or injury. Each confinement in broad terms includes:

  • Hospital Accommodation
  • Consultation with Physician or Surgeon
  • Medical Investigations
  • Surgical Operation (major and intermediate)
  • Use of Operation Theatre facilities, anesthesia, and other services.
  • Medicines
  • Ancillary services like labour room services, ICU/CCU room, post-operative room, blood transfusion, ambulance service etc.